“The booking system was easy. I found it straightforward and it worked efficiently.  The VO II workshop was excellent – it is rare to find such a great combination of content breadth and superb teaching. The class helped me deepen my understanding of concepts and practices I learned in the VO I workshop at Freehold. The small class size also provided the opportunity for me to identify specific areas where I wanted to improve my understanding and skills.  In addition to being truly educational, it was also fun and scary (in the best possible way). I had a great time and will take more classes at SVI.  Thanks so much for what you do. I’m signing up for your Voice-over Freelance 101 class later this evening, so (as long as there’s still room) I will see you soon!”

Courtney, VO II Student, April 2017

“Gin and Shana–I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. I found that at times I was just overwhelmed. The reality set in as to how much work it would be. But I left feeling that I might be up to it—-it is always just put one foot in front of the other.   Shana–I did realize later that there is no reason I couldn’t set up the PVC sound booth just where I planned to build the other one. Duh… You were very inspiring about the business and technical end of things. And Gin–as I review what we did, I so appreciate the instruction on creating and setting characters–I can see miles to go with that… I am so looking forward to putting effort into this project–hopefully this phase of my life. Talk to you soon and thanks again!!! All my best,”

Valerie, 2016 Audiobook Narration student

“Gin & Shana,  I wanted to take a moment to thank you both (in my very personal way) for the workshop this weekend.

Classes like these don’t have to offer a level of personal touch, kinesthetic association, or deep diving that you both instilled into those two days. It seems to me it would have been entirely sufficient to simply offer an overview, a few practice sessions, discussion, and touching on a glossary of terms (and their meanings). That would have been still worth the $250, and I would have paid it gladly.

But, what you two offered wasn’t just an extra phillips head or a ball-pen hammer. My toolbox became replete with specialty, lovingly crafted tools, full of intent, and ready to take on work. Most importantly, I understand the “why” of these new trade implements. I’ve come away with new layers of comprehension surrounding vocal nuances I had barely, if ever, considered. How will this be applied moving forward? I’m sensing a readiness and confidence in myself I’ve never experienced. Voice over has always contained provisos for me, such as: “if only …” and “one day …”. This morning, those self imposed guard rails were most extraordinarily absent — because of the two of you.

Thank you, Gin. Thank you, Shana. I appreciate the incredible effort you both apply to this passion of yours. I also appreciate the level to which you both offer your hard earned learning. And lastly, I appreciate the authenticity you show in your communication. At no point, did I feel a disconnect or a need for scrutiny. I can’t say that for any other weekend workshop I’ve attended.”

Adam, 2016 VO Toolbox Workshop and Intro to Audiobooks student

“Hi Gin,  I’ve been meaning to write to you for weeks to thank you for your workshops with us. They were incredibly helpful. In particular, breaking things down into rate, pitch, and volume was a really useful for all the students. Those three words are ones we are actively using in our vocabulary now and that allows us to talk about vocal choices with more clarity. Additionally, there’s one student in the class who pretty consistently speaks in monotone at one volume. In the final showing of his monologues, he varied his vocal choices considerably and it opened up EVERYTHING! All of use reflected the significant changes that made to his performance and the resulting clarity of thoughts in the monologues. He noticed too and that’s allowed me to point to a moment of real success for him as a new benchmark. So yes, your visit was incredibly useful to our students, specifically in relationship to talking about rate, pitch, and volume. I suspect that the introduction to tremors will stick with students a little less, but that’s more reflective of how little time we were spending with Fitzmaurice work. Unfortunately, given such a short window of time, the super tangible things stick most and the sustained practice lands less. I still think it was valuable for them to encounter.

Overall, the response was really positive and I saw immediate growth from many students because of your visits. So, THANK YOU!”

Jess, Co-Artistic Director, Art Barn