Recording Studios

The Seattle Voice Institute is proud to announce two new isolation rooms for recording voiceover and spoken tracks.

There are two ways to use our studios:


A. Buy a punch card and come use a quiet room/mic by yourself.  

If you go this route, you will not have an engineer to help you.  We will provide initial training and then you are on your own for your session. Punch cards are $45 for 10 sessions over a three-month period.  This is ideal if you have training, but don’t have a home studio to record in.

Once you purchase your punch card, you can either book in 30-minute increments sc

heduled online in advance  (not more than 4 on one day) or come in during our drop-in hours 3pm-6pm Monday-Thursday. We limit drop-in sessions to just two back-to-back 30-minute sessions. If you want to call to check on availability before dropping in, you can call (206) 494-5985 to check on availability.



B. Rent the studio for an engineered session with a sound engineer.

To rent our studios and hire an engineer, please take a look at availability. You can book online 24 hours to 2 months in advance.  If you have a last-minute rental request, please call (206) 494-5985.

You can see real-time availability and book below.



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